Experienced team

We make our clients' objectives our own and contribute to their achievement by implementing comprehensive solutions to their problems. For this we count with a team of senior consultants and multidisciplinary high performance technical staff, who are able to adapt to the business environment of our clients and contribute directly to solving problems and cover their needs.

Based on our 18+ years of experience in multi-industry projects, we have a unique approach that helps us understand your challenges and help ensure that we provide you with reliable services.

We have direct staff and associated technical consultants, all of them highly prepared with extensive multi-industry experience, who contribute to our clients in the identification of the problems, formulation of realistic and sustainable solution proposals to solve them in such a way that they contribute to meet the most complex challenges in your industrial sector.

Our Experience

It allows us to help you Redefine your Business Strategy

Our solution proposals, integral and / or personalized services allow our clients to execute and implement their strategic mission and vision, find out new growth opportunities, contribute to the reduction of operating and management costs, increase their efficiency and achieve a high performance of your business and investments.

Our experts bring deep industry and functional experience along with a range of perspectives that challenge the status quo and drive change. We do not judge if it is good or bad, we simply identify that it does not work and we focus on the client's objective or the agile solution to the problem.

In L4B we work on a unique collaboration model and in all the client's organization levels, driven by the goal of helping our clients to prosper and contribute to making the world a better place.

Strategic Planing
Operations Optimization
External Sales and Marketing
Information and Data Management
Process automation

We work as a team with you and guide the process

We analyze carefully the options

We identify and propose projects, appropriate use or incorporation of technology, corporate governance and processes to optimize to take your organization and work team to the next level or cycle of improvement.

We are always ready to help you

We highly value our clients, both current and new, and we thank them for trusting in our know-how, in the technology we represent and in our professional services.    We constantly strive to meet your requirements efficiently with commitment and honesty..   

We are always ready to listen to you, meet your requirement and design the best possible technical solution (ROI), our experience in applied technology, technology service management, project management, process management, investment projects and consulting always at your service.

Why choose us?

At Light4Business (L4B) we offer you comprehensive solutions for different industries, our team is prepared, committed and has the know-how and experiences in their area of ​​specialization, which allows us to bring and / or propose products to our clients, services and solutions with high added value.

Personal treatment

Beyond the company's umbrella, we are human beings who work for it. Respect, Friendliness, Confidentiality, and Professionalism will always be present in the relationship with our clients, staff, partners and / or shareholders, and suppliers.

Solutions and Continuous Improvement

We are interested in your challenges, and when you are our client we are passionate about helping you solve problems, we seek practical solutions, economically viable and above all that are self-sustaining.

Focus and results

We know that you may need to solve many problems, and possibly several at once, or that you must face challenges to grow or avoid disappearing. If we identify that there is no focus, we will tell you and help you to structure your project, idea, business with a clear focus and objectives so that the solution becomes a reality in the short term.

Operational excellence

We have integrated our competitive advantages with the characteristics of quality, efficiency and effectiveness.

We constantly strive to improve, practice and preach based on the solutions or services we offer. Our competitiveness is not the result of chance. We have created and acquired it through a long process of learning, teamwork and negotiation with the participation of all .

Fair price

Be confident that always you will have a fair assessment of our professional services, and likewise a fair price for the technological and industrial products that we distribute.

Professional services are always valued based on specialist (s) / profile (s), time, scope, etc. We are sure that you will appreciate the value of our work.


We use technology as a tool to accelerate optimization processes and digital transformation of your company or venture. We have solutions for every niche.


What we believe

Our Clients

...Our Clients

Since 2003 to the present, we work closely with clients to adopt a transformative approach aimed at benefiting all stakeholders, empowering organizations to grow, build a sustainable competitive advantage, and contribute to driving a social positive impact.

Our success

...Our success

It relies on a spirit of deep collaboration, integrity, a desire to excel, problem-solving skills, resilience, and a global community of diverse professional individuals determined to collaborate and contribute alongside L4B to make the world, people, and businesses much better every day.

Performed projects
Automated processes
Years of experience

Our Purpose

We try to live our purpose through our work every day, focusing on:

1.- Service Excellence. Our client is the most important "person" in Light4Business (L4B), we will constantly strive to provide quality services for customers and society in general.
2.- Practice and preach. The guideline is to use world-class methodologies, representations and technologies for the benefit of our continuous improvement and therefore apply it in the solutions generated for our clients.
3.- Respect. RESPECT for human diversity, nature and ideas will be fundamental in our actions
4.- Growth. Constantly contribute to the growth and business competitiveness of L4B.
5.- Encourage creativity and leadership in the team. We seek to generate high value-added solutions for clients with the available resources.
6.- Encourage Cre-Action. Promoting "Creation + Action" in L4B is essential and will be a habit in the team. Our team must act constantly, overcome uncertainty, overcome time constraints and contribute to inventing the future we want for the Company.
7.- Smart steps. We will always take smart steps as fast as possible, constantly adapting to the needs of the market, the reality of each client and the technologies available.
8.- Be selective with our allies and representations. Quantity will not be important to us, but the quality of our allies and representations. We will always look for those who complement our strengths and abilities, and through a fair relationship, joint and transparent work, are also willing to contribute to grow in the market (s) where we work.

- Light4Business Team -