Innovative solutions to build or optimize your business

We help you structure your business, and if it is in operation we are able to optimize it. We have a series of skills, multi-industry knowledge, we apply world-class methodologies and others developed internally as a result of our 18 years of experience.

Our consulting team is able to analyze your processes, identify bottlenecks, and impartially recommend improvement scenarios to take it to the next level.

We are clear that it is not enough to identify problems like traditional consultancies, we are always one step ahead to formulate creative solution alternatives and if you wish, we will work with you in the implementation.

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Technology at the service of your needs

Our experience of more than 18 years in software engineering, projects and process management, has allowed the successful implementation of collaborative solutions for both public and private companies.

Workflow Automation, Document Management, Data Integration, Information Management and Services, Email Implementation, Petro-technical Licensing Optimization, SAP Licensing Optimization, and Implementation of digital services are part of the types of technological projects that we have developed.

We use world-class methodologies and representations, which added to our experience, allow us to provide adequate and effective solutions to our clients.

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Our Services

Based on our 18 years of experience, we have a unique and specialized approach that helps us understand your challenges, propose creative and comprehensive solutions, generate high-value-added and forward-thinking deliverables

Business Consulting

On the pillars of people, technology, processes, information and profit generation, we seek for our clients to deliver through this service, a high added value in the analysis and suggestions that we generate in the areas of:

- Business Consulting
- Change Management
- Corporate Gobernance
- Process Optimization
- Digital Transformation
- Records Management
- ISO9001 Audits preparation

Investment projects

The multi-industry experience of the team allows us to tackle projects, understand them conceptually and technically. We are able to carry out:

- Investment project formulation
- Project evaluation
- Project integration
- Projects and ventures Incubation.
- Projects Intermediation and presentation to local and international private investors.

Technology and Digital Services

Not all business software solutions come boxed. Each company has a different reality and needs, which is why it demands adequate implementations, the creation of tailor-made solutions, and efficient integration into computer ecosystems, databases and information.

We use methodologies and we have world-class representations (HCL Technologies, OpenIT, JustGreatSites, RPAs), which added to our experience, allow us to provide adequate and effective solutions to our clients.

360 Client Program

If you already have a business or service established and you seek to comprehensively and objectively evaluate the user experience through one or more service channels in the process of buying and selling, operating and managing claims. Consider our service, we objectively evaluate and value quality and excellence in all aspects of the customer - product - service - operation relationship.

Formulation & Project Management

We make the objectives set out in our clients' projects our own and contribute to their timely and effective achievement.

Our consultants has extensive experience in different industries and allows us to provide you with services in:
- Project Management Office - PMO
- Project Management Team - PMT
- Project Management
- Formulation of Agile Projects
- Project Formulationbased on "Logical Framework " approach


Nanotechnology is no longer a promise and has become a reality that, after important advances in recent decades, has contributed solutions for various application areas such as biology, medicine, the automotive industry, oil, textiles, electronics, construction, food, among others.

LIGHT4BUSINESS after several years of investment, testing and searching for reliable and highly specialized products, incorporates into the Ecuadorian market high-efficiency nanotechnology with unique properties, perfected for the treatment and protection of materials which are used in the industrial sector, the home and the commercial environment.

Why choose us?

At Light4Business (L4B) we offer you comprehensive solutions for different industries, our team is prepared, committed and has the know-how and experiences in their area of ​​specialization, which allows us to bring and / or propose products to our clients, services and solutions with high added value.

Personal treatment

Beyond the company's umbrella, we are human beings who work for it. Respect, Friendliness, Confidentiality, and Professionalism will always be present in the relationship with our clients, staff, partners and / or shareholders, and suppliers.

Solutions and Continuous Improvement

We are interested in your challenges, and when you are our client we are passionate about helping you solve problems, we seek practical solutions, economically viable and above all that are self-sustaining.

Focus and results

We know that you may need to solve many problems, and possibly several at once, or that you must face challenges to grow or avoid disappearing. If we identify that there is no focus, we will tell you and help you to structure your project, idea, business with a clear focus and objectives so that the solution becomes a reality in the short term.

Operational excellence

We have integrated our competitive advantages with the characteristics of quality, efficiency and effectiveness.

We constantly strive to improve, practice and preach based on the solutions or services we offer. Our competitiveness is not the result of chance. We have created and acquired it through a long process of learning, teamwork and negotiation with the participation of all .

Fair price

Be confident that always you will have a fair assessment of our professional services, and likewise a fair price for the technological and industrial products that we distribute.

Professional services are always valued based on specialist (s) / profile (s), time, scope, etc. We are sure that you will appreciate the value of our work.


We use technology as a tool to accelerate optimization processes and digital transformation of your company or venture. We have solutions for every niche.


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