Our mission

We are a company that provides comprehensive solutions to different industries through the provision of high quality services, which include the Formulation and Integration of Investment Projects, Specialized Business Consulting, Digital Services and Incorporation of appropriate Technologies.

We work under strict ethical, moral and commercial principles, which generate high added value, trust and economic rewards for our clients, employees and shareholders.

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Our Services

Based on our 18 years of experience, we have a unique and specialized approach that helps us understand your challenges, propose creative and comprehensive solutions, generate high-value-added and forward-thinking deliverables

Business Consulting

On the pillars of people, technology, processes, information and profit generation, we seek for our clients to deliver through this service, a high added value in the analysis and suggestions that we generate in the areas of:

- Business Consulting
- Change Management
- Corporate Gobernance
- Process Optimization
- Digital Transformation
- Records Management
- ISO9001 Audits preparation

Investment projects

The multi-industry experience of the team allows us to tackle projects, understand them conceptually and technically. We are able to carry out:

- Investment project formulation
- Project evaluation
- Project integration
- Projects and ventures Incubation.
- Projects Intermediation and presentation to local and international private investors.

Technology and Digital Services

Not all business software solutions come boxed. Each company has a different reality and needs, which is why it demands adequate implementations, the creation of tailor-made solutions, and efficient integration into computer ecosystems, databases and information.

We use methodologies and we have world-class representations (HCL Technologies, OpenIT, JustGreatSites, RPAs), which added to our experience, allow us to provide adequate and effective solutions to our clients.

360 Client Program

If you already have a business or service established and you seek to comprehensively and objectively evaluate the user experience through one or more service channels in the process of buying and selling, operating and managing claims. Consider our service, we objectively evaluate and value quality and excellence in all aspects of the customer - product - service - operation relationship

Formulation & Project Management

We make the objectives set out in our clients' projects our own and contribute to their timely and effective achievement.

Our consultants has extensive experience in different industries and allows us to provide you with services in:
- Project Management Office - PMO
- Project Management Team - PMT
- Project Management
- Formulation of Agile Projects
- Project Formulationbased on "Logical Framework " approach


Nanotechnology is no longer a promise and has become a reality that, after important advances in recent decades, has contributed solutions for various application areas such as biology, medicine, the automotive industry, oil, textiles, electronics, construction, food, among others.

LIGHT4BUSINESS after several years of investment, testing and searching for reliable and highly specialized products, incorporates into the Ecuadorian market high-efficiency nanotechnology with unique properties, perfected for the treatment and protection of materials which are used in the industrial sector, the home and the commercial environment.

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